Are you the author of your life?  Is your life going in the direction that makes you happy?  We all struggle to find ourselves, and many times, we are struck down by criticism or our ideas and dreams are totally squashed by outside influences.  You may have gone through a divorce, a loss of a loved one or a health challenge, and having worked through the hurt and grief, you may not know what direction to take next.  You do know that you want a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Where do you begin to know and make the choices that will serve you well?  It starts with self-exploration – the self-exploration that gets us in touch with our body, our mind and our spirit.  From this place of balance, we begin Creating the Amazing You.

What does amazing look like?

  • Great wonder
  • Breathtaking
  • Heart longs for
  • Mind needs

Upon self-exploration, do you find this type of happiness?

What does creating look like?

  • Not made by ordinary processes
  • Evolve through one’s own imagination

If you have placed yourself in a box, a box of insecurity, confusion, fear, or lack of motivation, you are drifting through life and squandering the greatest gift.  The gift of the human experience.

We want to serve you by providing the environment that will help you with your self-exploration in identifying your box, removing your box, and from this place of balance, create the amazing youthe you that flies free – to live a life of happiness.

As we journey through the programs in this enlightening retreat, you will learn how to LET GO of past memories which you felt almost ruined you spiritually and financially.  You will find the REAL YOU as you blossom into a NEW YOU.  So much better, refined, and relaxed through methods we have brought to this retreat.

When you arrive, please leave all your doubts, fears, and challenges at the door, for we will encourage, motivate, and enlighten you to newer heights which you have never experienced before.  Don’t be afraid as you will be emerging from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly in a matter of days!

Now is the time to reach out and be a part of this gentle, relaxed experience to begin your self-exploration to create a life based on your choices.  Please join us on an exciting adventure as you find a new way to Create the Amazing YOU!