Welcome!  We are here to show you how wonderful you are and how fabulous you will feel once you step into our website.  We will explore the REAL YOU through special events and activities to find YOU!

My name is Dr. Marilyn A. Scott.  I have been living in the holistic healing field for close to forty years. Ms. Judith Richards, my business partner, who has worked in the corporate world for over 35 years, and I thought creating a fabulous retreat for those women desiring to Find themselves again would be an enlightening journey, not just for us, but for you, as well.

We all are struggling to find ourselves, and many times, we are struck down by criticism or our ideas and dreams are totally squashed by our spouse or partner.  This can be very discouraging and disheartening, as we women, always try our best to make everything so perfect in our lives and relations, when in reality, they are not.  As we journey through the programs Judy and I have developed, you will learn how to LET GO of past memories which you felt almost ruined you spiritually and financially.  You will find the REAL YOU as you blossom into a NEW YOU.  So much better, refined, and relaxed through methods we have brought to this retreat.

When you arrive, please leave all your doubts, fears, and challenges at the door, for we will encourage, motivate, and enlighten you to newer heights which you have never experienced before.  Don’t be afraid as you will be emerging from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly in a matter of days!

Please join us on an exciting adventure as you find a new way to Create the Amazing YOU!

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