Are you ready to move forward?

Are you ready to move forward?

This is the very beginning of the new year.  2018 is upon us, and it is high time you decide to Go For The Gold!  YOU are equipped to succeed in whatever YOU want to do.  You are already Successful. Look at the second letter, U!!!!!  For U are the only person who can propel you towards your destiny, towards your goal. Look at the moments that have inspired and motivated you.  Are you sustaining your motivation?  Are you working on your FOCUS Muscle?  How about meditation?  Do you Journal? These are all areas which will help propel you to the next level.

I have struggled with staying focused and learning to keep on task while completing a project.  Such as blogging, knitting, exercising, cooking, reading.  My mentor told me to set aside 50 minutes to do something important during the day.  Sometimes, I set aside several 50 minute increments a day. The secret is to PUT THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR.  Set a Date with U to accomplish these things. It takes discipline and practice.  Are you willing to put in the time for U?

As far as staying focused.  This can be quite a challenge.  Many times, I feel I suffer from Attention Deficit as I can not stay on task for 15 minutes.  Sound familiar?  I am still working on this, but I find if I take time FOR ME to meditate every morning, journal, and get organized for the day; this helps me keep my focus.  Yoga is also a way that helps me stay focused.  A colleague of mine told me that FOCUS is like a MUSCLE.  You have to use it often to keep it going.  I find this an interesting concept.  Even when you are pulled away from your focused project, this can be a good thing.  Regaining focus and getting back to your original project will help you maintain your desire to complete your project.  It will help you pump your Focus Muscle to a new height. It is not easy, but Focus takes practice. Focus takes stamina. BREATHE.  Get into your very soul.  Learn your body and adjust to the environment.  Just like any other activity or project you plan to do.  The longer you practice staying focused, the easier it will be for you to remain in that state to accomplish your task.

Let’s strive to not be complacent.  Let’s strive to not procrastinate.  We all succumb to complacency and procrastination.  Staying FOCUSED will MOVE you out of your complacent/procrastinating ways into a more vibrant/invigorating way towards success.  If you haven’t figured out what you want to do when you grow up, NOW IS THE TIME!!  Time to RISE UP and TAKE Hold of your destiny towards YOUR SUCCESS.  Time to BE AMAZING!  You have it in you, in fact, you have ALL THE TOOLS you need to become the Success you always wanted to be.  You just need to start tweaking your practices and move forward towards your goal.  What ever it is, what ever you want to do, take a step UP.  You may need to take tiny steps, and that is entirely OK, just as long as you KEEP MOVING and KEEP progressing FORWARD!

Find YOUR way to stay focused while accomplishing YOUR GOAL.  It takes time, it takes practice, but in the long run, IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT!




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