About Us

About Us

Dr. Marilyn A. Scott

A colleague recently asked me, “how did you manage to rise above and be so successful with so much adversity in your past?”  I thought about that question, and realized I was always told I was not good enough, I couldn’t do it, anything I tried was impossible, as I was not smart enough, I could never measure up and was constantly compared to my sister.  The big one…I did not have the capacity to please.  REALLY??  I lived in a world full of criticism from my father for many years and from my ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law.  Emotionally, I was literally beaten down.  I tried to stay very positive all through this emotional abuse.

Why the Universe put me in this arena made me realize years later, I was in for bigger and better accomplishments in life. That was the road I was supposed to walk to become the success I am today.  However, I did not actually realize that until recently. Intuitively speaking, I always knew I had all the tools I needed to become the person I am today, as well as the know how to be successful.  I just needed to get into myself and discover the real ME.

I began to totally think outside the box, and found the box was a self imposed thought process most of us put ourselves into. So I took all the negative thoughts people told me over the years and put them in a HUGE jet and sent them off into outer space….Sometimes many times over.  I also stopped the self criticism; a very difficult task since I lived in a critical world most of my life.  For such a long time, self-criticism was the only thing I knew, and the way I was treated, I felt so very small and inadequate.

So, I began to meditate twice a day EVERY DAY, and I realize every day is a new beginning to be positive, think positive, and feel positive.  I am AMAZING!  I have done many amazing things and have finally broken out of my insecure shell to emerge into the beautiful butterfly.

This has not been an easy task, and I have become a much more seasoned person.  I am the “Doctor in Residence” on a Radio show in St. Louis, Missouri, and have emerged with a new brand, and website as well as a new You Tube TV show entitled, “Healthy Living with Marilyn.”

Over the years, I have been given many tools that I thought I did not deserve, but realized I was  worthy of each and every one of those tools, strategies and ideas. I am so excited to share these tools, strategies and ideas with you on this retreat.

I have emerged from being a very insecure with many struggles to an extremely secure person who is so positive, energetic and very secure in my own body.

Judith Richards

I have lived my life without direction or getting in touch with what makes me happy.  I grew up on a ranch in New Mexico with a controlling and authoritative father.  I have no doubt he loved me but due to his own upbringing he

did not know how to teach me to be the author of my own life.

The majority of my years have been spent moving from one city to another city and one relationship to another relationship – lovely cities, wonderful friends, fun relationships.   I have been successful in the sense of material wealth but bankrupt in satisfaction of the direction and substance of my life.

I have learned something very important.  If I don’t know myself, my choices will be driven by my surrounding circumstances and outside influences.

At a very low point spiritually in my life, I reached for help and found a wonderful coach and mentor that helped me begin my self-exploration.  I was disassociated from my feelings and at a loss of what made me happy.  I realized that I was not living my life – I was drifting along pulled in different directions based on what showed up in front of me.

Life is a journey and I have learned much from my experiences.  The most important is that you must know yourself to make the choices that serve you well.

I want to help you to create a life that is amazing.  It starts with self-exploration and getting in touch with your body, your mind, your spirituality.  It is from this place of knowing that creating the amazing you comes from.

Join us for a weekend and begin your self-exploration and creation of the amazing you and make the most of this wonderful gift called being human.